Experimentations in real-life situations: respect for people – The development and assessment of the LifeCompannion platform is accompanied by experiments in real situation of use with disabled people. These studies will be carried out with the informed consent of the participating persons, with a permanent concern for the protection of their privacy (personal data protection). In respect with French regulations, each experiment will be conducted within the framework of a request to a CPP (Comité de Protection des Personnes) committee. These experiments will be held in rehabilitation centers, where the experiment participants are already accommodated as part of their care, rehabilitation and/or learning process (integrated schools).

Citizen science

Citizen committee – Considering its high societal stakes, the AAC4All project cannot be entrusted to scientists alone. This is why AAC4All integrates a citizen committee made of ordinary people who aim at helping scientists to question the orientations of their research from a citizen point of view. The committee will make suggestions or remarks in full independence. The members of this committee can be disabled users (or their relatives), private caregivers, or any other person interested in the subject. You can contact the citizen committee to make suggestions or to apply as a new member. Be aware that the debates of the committe are held in French.

Citizen committee (to be completed)

  • Sylvain Le Delaizir (Bretagne/Breizh/Brittany)
  • Philomène Perin (Ile de France)
  • Line Perrin (Auvergne-Rhône Alpes)